Mushroom Villages  
Musanze, RW
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Kigali Farms Ltd, a mushroom growing company based in Musanze District, has unveiled a mushroom village in Gahunga sector, Musanze – a project seen as a solution to malnutrition in Northern and Western provinces.

The project, which comprises of 15 growing houses, is expected to boost farmers’ yields through increased technical skills and farm inputs.

Kigali Farm plans to roll out similar projects in every district of Northern Province as well as Nyabihu, Ngororero and Rubavu districts of Western Province.

The target areas are among the districts with some of the highest rates of malnutrition in the country, a phenomenon largely blamed on limited knowledge on healthy feeding practices.

Laurent Demuynck, the Chief Executive Officer of Kigali Farms Ltd, said that investing in the oyster mushroom also aims to support government efforts to eradicate malnutrition.

“Mushrooms are the perfect crop for Rwanda because they provide a lot of good nutrition on very little space and the way you do it is by recycling agricultural waste,” he told The New Times.

In the new mushroom village one finds a four square metres house in which a farmer can get between 500 and 600 kilogrammes of mushroom per year.

It takes about Rwf8 million to build and run each village. The farm plans to spend Rwf400 million to build 50 mushroom villages.

  • - Local cooperation and networks
  • - To build 50 mushroom villages (Rwf400 million = US$450,000)
  • - Elminating malnutrition in Northern and Western Province

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