Rwanda Innovation Fund  
From: Sep, 26 2018 Till: Sep, 26 2018
Specific ICT/Telco Government Technology
Recognizing that most start-ups fail in the growth stage, the Rwandan Government, the ICT private sector, and development institutions have partnered to create a financially nurturing environment for tech innovators at all project stages.

The Rwanda Innovation Fund occupies a critical part of the financing value-chain, starting at the early stage of growth and nurturing companies through the growth stage till the initial public offering (IPO). The government of Rwanda is co-investing in this fund alongside private investors. Preceding the RIF are other forms of innovation-friendly funding, including public, philanthropic and angel funding, supporting companies during incubation/accelerator stages of growth.

• Rwanda estimates that the current domestic demand for BPO services is $50 million, with a target to increase to approx. $274 million in 2020.
• Rwanda offers many first-mover advantages for investors in the BPO sector which include; a young and dynamic workforce, Upgraded IT infrastructure and a Bi-lingual business environment.

Other opportunities are in; Smart Cities solutions, Smart Energy Grid development

  • - Young and dynamic work force, Upgraded IT infrastructure and a Bi-lingual business environment.
  • - Increase the domestic demand for BPO services to US $274 million by 2020, up from the present estimated US $50 million

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