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This sector employs 80% of the population and contributes 33% of GDP growth for Rwanda. Agriculture is the backbone and key component of Rwanda’s fast-growing economy. In recent years, the sector has gained significant growth from 4.5% to 6% per annum and is gradually shifting from subsistence to a market-oriented model. The Government has allocated 13% of the National budget to boost productivity and ensure food security. Increasing trends have been recorded in recent years in the production of food crops and cash crops, attributed to the crop intensification program launched in 2007. The crop intensification program aims to increase agricultural productivity in high potential food crops namely maize, potatoes, wheat, beans, peas, cassava and soya.

  • - Strong agricultural capability - Land, Labour etc.
  • - Investment opportunities in food processing, horticulture, value addition, mechanization opportunities, distribution and cold chain, poultry and beef farming
  • - To continue developing Rwanda's agricultural sector for both internal consumption and export

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