Rwanda Gateway is a country portal facilitating interactions around Rwanda. It addresses entrepreneurs, investors, travelers and anybody interested to learn more and engage with this upcoming and leading country in East Africa. Rwanda Gateway facilitates inbound, outbound and domestic interactions.

Rwanda Gateway builds a well-connected community where participants connect via their profiles, “haves”, “wants” and opportunities.

For individuals, companies and organizations interested in Rwanda, this is the starting point to be informed and to meet relevant partners, be it private or public.

For Rwandans, the Rwanda Gateway serves as a platform to showcase ventures, businesses or various activities and to reach out to international and relevant local audiences.

We look forward to welcome you on the Rwanda Gateway; create your profile, explore opportunities and make the possible become real.

navigating Rwanda Gateway

Vision is where one gets a quick introduction into the plans and ambitions of policy-makers and the latest exciting happenings in Rwanda. Updated statistics and relevant resources can also be found here.

Stories is all about people and their experiences in Rwanda. Our curated collection includes inspiring journeys by movers and shakers in Rwanda, features of exciting Made-in-Rwanda brands and includes travelogues from travelers enamored by Rwanda.

Opportunities is where you find opportunities or create your own. Seek potential projects to be involved in, find partners and support for your own ventures.

Lifestyle gives you a visual treat to the trends, culture and people of modern Rwanda.

Travel shows you the ‘what to see’ in Rwanda and all that you need to know to bring you to the Land of a Thousand Hills.

Rwanda Gateway is an initiative by the High Commission of the Republic of Rwanda in Singapore.