Berlin, DE
Status: Open
Consumer Goods & Services
Betahaus is one of the best-known coworking spaces in the city. Its vibrant community of over 500 members enjoys an excellent coworking environment, over 1,000 community events per year, and a Vienna-style coffee bar. Additional features include Betapitch, their homegrown international pitch event,, an IoT accelerator, backed by them and betahausX, program connecting startups and investors. Betahaus will open another location in 2019.

  • - We create space. Spaces for freelancers to work together. For teams to collaborate. For artists to create. For startups to host events. Flexible spaces that work for you and evolve to what you need. Spaces that foster connection and community.
  • - More founders of start-ups, more capital, more know how...- more minds to mingle with.
  • - Making everybody an entrepreneur

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