Rwanda, RW
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Rwanda’s energy sector is heavily dominated by biomass (wood energy), which accounts for 85%.
The total current installed power generation capacity is estimated to be 186 MW; with electricity connectivity rate of 24.5% (23% on-grid and 1.5% off-grid).
The country plans to increase its power generation capacity to 563 MW and achieve 70% access to electricity by 2017/2018. Biomass is expected to drop from 85% currently to 50% by 2020.
Rwanda has adopted diversification of energy sources, with increased focus on domestic sources of energy and phasing out heavy/fossil-fuel electricity generation (keeping the minimum for backup purpose).

  • - Huge potential to harness alternative energy sources such as solar energy
  • - Investment opportunities in methane gas, micro hydropower, solar and peat energy
  • - Increase Rwanda's energy generation capacity and access to electricity

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