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Rwanda is internationally recognized for its success in offering universal access to healthcare. Rwanda has ensured that her citizens have access to basic health care. Rwanda has also successfully reduced the infant mortality rate by over 60%. The country currently operates a well-functioning, decentralized healthcare public service system comprising 1700 health posts, 500 health centers, 42 district hospitals and 5 national referral hospitals. Rwanda also has a vibrant private health services sector, which comprises of 2 general hospitals, 1 eye hospital, 1 eye clinic, 50 clinics and polyclinics, 8 dental clinics, 4 eye clinics and 134 dispensaries. There is 1 Joint Commission International-certified hospital and 1 public medical college producing 100 general practitioners per year.

  • - Well-built infrastructure and trained medical professionals
  • - Medical schools to train skilled workers for the healthcare sector
  • - Provision of advanced healthcare services especially in oncology, cardiology and nephrology
  • - Investments in the manufacturing of healthcare products and equipment.
  • - Expand the provision of better health care and develop Rwanda as a hub for medical tourism

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