Kigali Cultural Village  
Kigali , RW
Status: Open
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Kigali Cultural Village (KCV) is aimed at making Kigali a tourism destination, showcasing many tourism products in Rwanda to both local and international visitors.

The vision of the KCV is to be a landmark within the city of Kigali, showcasing traditional architecture, emphasizing Rwandan heritage and expressing the country’s social life and environment.

From the market research, it was decided that the design and layout of the KCV should represent a historical account of the people and culture of Rwanda, well presented in the distinct phases or eras of occurrence.

The KCV has the following facilities:
• Conference hall, cinema theatres and galleria
• Commercial and business centre
• The Eco-zone
• The Village and high-end Eco-lodge
• Entertainment facilities with a capacity of 15.000 people

It is projected that the KCV will generate average annual turnover estimated at USD $91.9 Million over a ten year period. The internal rate of return (IRR) estimated at 7.4% is considered reasonable, particularly when measured against the estimated cost of borrowing of 7.0%. The net present value (NPV) is positive and assumes a discount factor of 7%.On balance, the concept is considered viable based on the proposed business model.

  • - A colourful culture with beautiful products, mostly hand-made local artworks.
  • - Involvement of community groups, NGOs, merchants, local artisans
  • - Project size: USD $73.9 million
  • - Investors, developers
  • - This cultural village will represent a wide range of activities reflecting Rwanda’s social and cultural identity.

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