Maximising Mango Harvests in Eastern Province  
Eastern Rwanda, RW
Status: Open
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Farmers in Rwamagana District have expressed concern over a disease outbreak that has attacked mango plants, fearing it could cause massive loss of output.

The Sooty Mould is a disease recognized by the presence of black fungi on the leaf surface, and in severe cases, the trees turn completely black due to the presence of mold over the entire surface of twigs and leaves.

December to March is the peak season for mangos but farmers say that, based on the current output, production is likely to dwindle compared to previous seasons.

Eastern Province is suitable for mango and avocado farming.

While avocado seedlings that were distributed by the National Agricultural Exports Board (NAEB) have thrived in the region and boosted production, output for mangoes is still low.

  • - Elimination of the Sooty Mould disease
  • - Platform for farmers to share ideas
  • - Best farming practices for mango trees
  • - Healthy mango trees and maximising mango output for all farmers

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