Retirement Paradise in the Heart of Africa  
Kigali, RW
Status: Open
Daniela Alina Dr Plewe
20 October 2019
Specific Consumer Goods & Services
We are happy residents in Rwanda and want to settle for the long term. We like to live in this upcoming African capital and want to build a community of open-minded European people in the well-advanced age group.

We think we found a fantastic property and want to build a retirement community around it.

Connect here and explore more.

  • - Retire in a beautiful environment.
  • - Experience living in Rwanda
  • - Lots of skills to share with the local communities.
  • - Open minded, Europeans or westerners wanting to live an active retirement.
  • - Young Rwandans for internships - in exchange for language training.
  • - Exploring keeps us young and is fun.

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