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The Government of Rwanda has been investing in the development of ICT infrastructure in an effort to enhance service delivery. For instance, over 4500km of fibre optic broadband cabling has been laid throughout the country connecting all 30 districts and with 9 regional links to neighbouring countries. At the same time, a broadband capacity of 10Gbps has been established and the country is currently technologically connected through the 4G LTE network. Through investment efforts by the government, Rwanda presently has a mobile penetration rate of 76.2% with over 8.5 subscribers as well as an internet penetration rate of 33% across the country. The Rwandan government is currently looking for external investors to invest in its internet data centres and business continuity centres to further the technological capabilities of Rwanda.

  • - Bilingual business environment
  • - Upgraded IT infrastructure
  • - A young and dynamic workforce
  • - Kigali Innovation City flagship project
  • - E-waste plant
  • - Internet data centre
  • - To increase the domestic demand for BPO services to US$274 million by 2020, up from the present estimated US$50 million

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