Private Sector Federation Rwanda (PSF)
P.O. BOX 319, Gikondo, Kigali, RW
Business Association across all sectors in Rwanda
Business Association
The Private Sector Federation – Rwanda (PSF) is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan business community. It is an umbrella organization that groups 10 professional chambers. It was established in December 1999, replacing the former Rwanda Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Private Sector Federation (PSF) has registered major successes since its creation in 1999. Beyond a strong brand and membership base, PSF pioneered Business Development Services (BDS), registered wins in advocacy and played a strong national, regional and international role.

Yet, the business sector still needs to mature into Rwanda economic engine. While Vision 2020 and EDPRS call for a private sector-led economy, the business sector, We realize that a strong Private Sector Federation must also achieve financial self-reliance.

The Golden Circle members enjoy personalized Services, Priority on invitations and events, marketing opportunities and the end of year gala.

For further details please see the PSF website.

  • - We have over 15.000 member companies in Rwanda and are the largest business association in Rwanda.
  • - Advocacy - Reducing the cost of doing business.
  • - Capacity building
  • - Trade and Business Development
  • - Access to international and regional markets
  • - Membership Services
  • - For our members we are always looking to add value. We connect them with overseas companies and business partners.
  • - Connectivity worldwide
  • - Strategic partnerships for our members across sectors
  • - Enabling Rwanda's vision of having a private sector led economy.

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