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The Service Mag

The Service Mag, is a free quarterly magazine in English, French and Kinyarwanda distributed to service people in Rwanda. It is distributed in hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, ministries, travel agencies, embassies and many more service provide...

Rwanda Clothing - Model of fashion

RWANDA CLOTHING aims to be one of the world leaders in the African fashion scene. While preserving their uniquely Rwandan ide...

Innovation of education

The Ministry of Education has said some of the 26 innovative projects piloted three years ago to improve the quality of education in Rwanda will be sc...

Personal triumph launches healthy revolution

Unhappy with who she saw in the mirror, Pearl decided it was time to make a change in her body and in her life.

Not only did Pearl embark on an incred...

5 things that surprise you about Rwanda!

"This is Jaz. I have been in Rwanda for 2 weeks and just learned so much from this amazing country! Love to share top 5 surprises a...

Carnegie Mellon University Kigali

Carnegie Mellon University-Africa (CMU Africa) has a vision: to educate and empower the next generation of African leaders and innovators by delivering a world-class educational experience. Our mission is to produce creative and technically strong engineers, who have been trained in the African context, and prepared to make transformative impact in their communities and the world.

CMU-Africa was established in 2011 and is the o...

Made in Rwanda
The Apiary as a story and a made-in-Rwanda product

The Apiary has garnered the SG Good Design Mark 2016 under the Product division.

As a social enterprise founded by Singaporean private investors, The Apiary is committed to poverty alleviation for Rwandan beekeepers and their communities.

Immortal, the ONG&ONG Group’s brand engagement arm, took inspiration from Rwanda’s hilly landscape, flora and vibrant handicraft motifs in creating the brand’s eye-catching visual identity. This celebrates the African nation...

Delving into the green heart of Africa
Michelle Djong

The young mountain gorilla hangs from a branch, then falls to the ground. Not knowing what to do next, it sits atop the imposing head of its father, which is taking a siesta.

This playful scene un...

Refugee restaurateur feeds community

Umucyo Restaurant tells the story of resilience.

At the young age of fifteen, Bahati lost her parents and her home, and fled to Rwanda with four younger siblings. As the eldest child, Bahati brav...

When the time comes…
Natalie Campbell-Rodriques

When the time comes, I hope I will be ready and strong. I hope I will be able to go aboard that plane and look down from the skies without tears or ob...

High Jump - Rwanda's forgotten sport
Sharon Kantengwa

When the sport of high jump is mentioned, the first African countries that come to mind might be Kenya, which is internationally recognised as being h...

In 2014, Dieudonné Twahirwa left his white-collar job to venture into farming. Today he is the proud founder and managing director of Gashora Farms, the country’s leading chilli export firm.

Twahirwa graduated as an agronomist in 2012 from University of Rwanda’s College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. It didn’t take l...

Rwandan keen to introduce a culture of flower growing and use in Rwanda

In the Rwandan traditional culture, flowers were never of significance as they are becoming today, as gifting cows was the norm then.

With globalizatio...