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Rwanda Eyeing African Export Markets
Rwanda is looking forward to tapping into previously untapped markets and create growth opportunities for...
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Developing Agri Value Chains to Enhance Food Exports
Rwanda’s Ministry of Trade and Industry is prioritising agri-processing for six products: sugar, aquaculture, edible...
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Consolidating the Mining Sector
Rwanda’s mining sector is relatively fragmented. Despite more than 3,000 mining sites across the country,...
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Kickstarting Mobile Digital Access in Rwanda
Rwanda’s “Connect Rwanda” campaign, launched in December 2019, hopes to put a Mara and other...
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Growth in the Poultry Sector
Lebanese agricultural development company Tanmia will expand its business in Egypt to open a poultry...
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Entering the Artificial Intelligence Sector
In a surpising move, Rwandan firm Shaka AI Ltd recently signed a contract with an...
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