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Teta Isibo, local fashion entrepreneur, founder of Inzuki Designs

Founded in 2010 by Rwandan fashion entrepreneur Teta Isibo, Inzuki Designs is a young, dynamic local brand that specializes in handcrafted jewelry, accessories and interior decor.

In partnership with local artisans, the brand fuses traditional, unique...

Rwanda: a story of transformation

Listen to Robin Martens as he shares the less known yet amazing transformation of the Rwanda after 1994.

As a project manager for SHER, an engineering consulting company involved in hydropower and water infrastructure projects, Robin directly participated in the de...

Social Enterprise
Hear from Mustard Seed Institute, a Grassroots social enterprise in rural Rwanda

Experience the best of Rural Rwanda with a grassroots Social Enterprise

The Mustard Seed Institute is a social enterprise located in the rural village...

Solar energy
Greenlight Planet rolls out its largest expansion in Rwanda, supplying 50,000 units to Ignite Power Rwanda

Greenlight Planet, the global leader in solar home energy products is thrilled to announce that it has completed a shipment of an order of 50,000 Sun ...

Coffee farmers trained on sustainable value addition

In the last week of October, Sustainable Harvest Rwanda in partnership with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) organized the first...

Water solutions
Christelle Kwizera - The startup story of Water Access Rwanda

Water scarcity in Africa remains a big challenge today with millions lacking access to safe water and basic sanitation facilities in Rwanda. To alleviate this problem, Christelle Kwizera founded Water Access Rwanda (WARwanda) in 2014. 

WARwanda is a social enterprise that supplies simple, affordable and durable water solutions in East Africa. The company provides water filtration devices, products and services aimed at finding...

Carnegie Mellon University Kigali

Carnegie Mellon University-Africa (CMU Africa) has a vision: to educate and empower the next generation of African leaders and innovators by delivering a world-class educational experience. Our mission is to produce creative and technically strong engineers, who have been trained in the African context, and prepared to make transformative impact in their communities and the world.

CMU-Africa was established in 2011 and is the only U.S. research university offering it...

Delving into the green heart of Africa
Michelle Djong

The young mountain gorilla hangs from a branch, then falls to the ground. Not knowing what to do next, it sits atop the imposing head of its father, which is taking a siesta.

This playful scene un...

Innovation of education

The Ministry of Education has said some of the 26 innovative projects piloted three years ago to improve the quality of education in Rwanda will be scaled up.

To be considered as promising, a pilo...

5 things that surprise you about Rwanda!

"This is Jaz. I have been in Rwanda for 2 weeks and just learned so much from this amazing country! Love to share top 5 surprises about living in Rwand...

Made in Rwanda
The Apiary as a story and a made-in-Rwanda product

The Apiary has garnered the SG Good Design Mark 2016 under the Product division.

As a social enterprise founded by Singaporean private investors, The ...

Arthur possesses dogged determination; he is a man with the courage to get up and emerge triumphant after taking an enormous fall.

Before founding Pure Pro, a successful windshield repair company, Arthur already had three failed companies under his belt. The courage it took to begin anew is what ultimately led Pure Pro to be the success it is today...

Rwanda on Media
Africa's Little Red Dot
Via The Business Times Singapore
Geoffrey Eu

THEY CALL RWANDA the Land of a Thousand Hills - for obvious reasons - but this small (26,338 square kilometres) land-locked nation in the heart of Afr...

Umucyo Restaurant tells the story of resilience.

At the young age of fifteen, Bahati lost her parents and her home, and fled to Rwanda with four young...

Rwanda Clothing - Model of fashion

RWANDA CLOTHING aims to be one of the world leaders in the African fashion scene. While preserving their uniquely Rwandan identity, they also want to become international role models. They strive to c...

Personal triumph launches healthy revolution

Unhappy with who she saw in the mirror, Pearl decided it was time to make a change in her body and in her life.

Not only did Pearl embark on an incred...

Rwabigwi is Rwanda’s top youth literacy advocate

A social entrepreneur, Rwabigwi is Rwanda’s top youth literacy advocate. He is the founder of YouLI, a nonprofit that helps young Rwandans enhance their literacy and writing skills. He is also one of the people behind Ejo Group, a business that specialises in social media and content marketing.


Young entrepreneur trying her hand in pumpkin products

Ange Mukagahima is the brains behind Kazima Enterprise, a company that makes pastries such as bread, cake, cookies out of pumpkin flour, roasted seeds...

ICT Innovation
E-Saving platform to help vulnerable youth save

A 23-year-old ICT graduate from University of Rwanda, Bovine Ishemaryayo, recently designed and launched a software dubbed ‘e-Saving’ that seeks to help vulnerable youth, especially those in rural...