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Teta Isibo, local fashion entrepreneur, founder of Inzuki Designs

Founded in 2010 by Rwandan fashion entrepreneur Teta Isibo, Inzuki Designs is a young, dynamic local brand that specializes in handcrafted jewelry, accessories and interior decor.

In partnership with local artisans, the brand fuses traditional, unique...

Miss Rwanda 2019: 20 head to the boot camp
20 finalists of Miss Rwanda 2019
Eddie Nsabimana

The search for Miss Rwanda 2019 entered a decisive stage over the weekend with contestants reduced from 37 to 20, who will re...

The nationwide volunteering program that has everyone in Rwanda giving back.
Nikita Dhar

How is it possible for a country to modernise, globalise, and yet stay close to its roots? Rwanda has the answer to that question. The Umuganda nation...

Former honey poachers now earning from bee farming

Before 2015, honey production for beekeepers from Nyabihu District in Western Province was not sustainable.

At that time, farmers would install their t...

Rwanda: a story of transformation

Listen to Robin Martens as he shares the less known yet amazing transformation of the Rwanda after 1994.

As a project manager for ...

Rwandan releases book on Genocide for children
Marie-Anne Dushimimana

One day in a Rwandan village, a girl called Mahoro became a close friend with a boy called Ntwali without knowing that their parents had an issue between them.

It is a fictional story told by Patrick Gihana, a Rwandan artiste and author in his new illustrative book, “Humura Mwana”, written specifically for children.

Mahoro, who fell in love with Ntwali whom they studied together in primary school, didn’t understand why the...

Social Enterprise
Hear from Mustard Seed Institute, a Grassroots social enterprise in rural Rwanda

Experience the best of Rural Rwanda with a grassroots Social Enterprise

The Mustard Seed Institute is a social enterprise located in the rural village of Rwankuba, Murambi Sector, Gatsibo District in Eastern Province. We welcome visitors to come and experience the tranquility and beauty of our rural community on the shores of Lake Muhazi.

Our Institute is based on a model farm that provides jobs and training courses to the community. We grow pineapples, watermelons, ...

How Habumugisha is using photography to change the world
Donah Mbabazi

Gadi Habumugisha’s photography skills involve capturing emotion and memory in one shot.

His first encounter with a camera was when he was eight years old. He fell in love with the device, and t...

Solar energy
Greenlight Planet rolls out its largest expansion in Rwanda, supplying 50,000 units to Ignite Power Rwanda

Greenlight Planet, the global leader in solar home energy products is thrilled to announce that it has completed a shipment of an order of 50,000 Sun KingTM Home Systems for Ignite Rwanda project...

Rwandan engineer recycles glass to make eco-friendly bricks
Diane Mushimiyimana

Disposal of tonnes of waste glass is a major environmental challenge but one Rwandan says he has found an answer by recycling glass and ceramic waste....

ICT Innovation
E-Saving platform to help vulnerable youth save

A 23-year-old ICT graduate from University of Rwanda, Bovine Ishemaryayo, recently designed and launched a software dubbed ‘e-Saving’ that seeks t...

In the last week of October, Sustainable Harvest Rwanda in partnership with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) organized the first ever quality coffee processing training in Rwanda that was sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The training in the latest industry-shaping initiative called the Q Processing program took place at Greenwich Hotel in Ki...

Water solutions
Christelle Kwizera - The startup story of Water Access Rwanda

Water scarcity in Africa remains a big challenge today with millions lacking access to safe water and basic sanitation facilities in Rwanda. To allevi...

Ange Mukagahima is the brains behind Kazima Enterprise, a company that makes pastries such as bread, cake, cookies out of pumpkin flour, roasted seeds...

Rwabigwi is Rwanda’s top youth literacy advocate

A social entrepreneur, Rwabigwi is Rwanda’s top youth literacy advocate. He is the founder of YouLI, a nonprofit that helps young Rwandans enhance their literacy and writing skills. He is also one o...

Young entrepreneur makes affordable wheelchairs

Daniel Habanabakize completed Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) four years ago and trusted in the hands-on skills he had acquired...

Rwanda on Media
Africa's Little Red Dot
Via The Business Times Singapore
Geoffrey Eu

THEY CALL RWANDA the Land of a Thousand Hills - for obvious reasons - but this small (26,338 square kilometres) land-locked nation in the heart of Africa has a somewhat more surprising unofficial name: The Second Singapore.

One generation after political unrest, armed struggle and subsequent genocide...

Seeing through the cracks

Arthur possesses dogged determination; he is a man with the courage to get up and emerge triumphant after taking an enormous fall.

Before founding Pur...

How Nyamagabe youngster made a fortune from waste

At only 22, Jean Bosco Nzeyimana is already a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and an employer of 30 permanent staff and 50 casual workers. Nzeyimana started Habona Ltd; a Nyamagabe based waste treatment...